Are Lass

Ave ya noticed how we allus tek fo granted, the basic needs in life,
Like electricity un gas,coal,coloured tele un ya wife,
Mi tele are cun do withart,un mi coils piled up to't top,
Gas un electric is no problem, Wiss gerra candle from't bottom shop,
Mooast a these are cun do withart, coil un tele un the like,
Un the cun stuff their expensive petrol, co ave orny gorra bike.
Ar thowt are do bart missus, till it cum to't watta strike,
Allus teckin her for granted, gooin boozin ivvery night.
It were when they put that standpipe darn utt bottom urrar lane,
She fetched un carried wata better'n any gunga din,
Hail rain sleet un snow, she tuck her turn in't watta queue,
Then trudged back through't muck un sludge, to meck me a nice hot brew.
She allus boiled a drop for me, so's are cud sooak mi teeth in't glass,
She'd run her blood to watta to keep me happy would are lass.
Mi dinners allus theear on't table, when are cum home from't pit utt two,
Un if are drop to sleep on saturdays , she even checks mi football pools.
She in't no Betty Grable, but she's worth her weight in gold,
When God finished meckin her, he threw away his mould.....

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