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I am 65 going on eighteen and I have the roller blades and the bruises to prove it.
My grandchildren all call me Sheila unless they are after something and then it's grandma Sheila.
I have four children; two boys and two girls and they are all my best friends. When I was 56
I backpacked around Israel with my youngest daughter Sam for three weeks. Climbed the
Masada the hard way at six in the morning to watch sun rise over the Dead sea, and when I tell
you it is two miles and very, very steep but when I got to the top I felt great because I had
walked the way the women and children went when they were fleeing the Romans. It is such a
spiritual place. When I learn how to put photos on the site I will send some. We went to
Jerusalem and it was Easter so you can imagine the atmosphere. We stayed in hostels
(Palestinians) are they were very friendly to us. When I returned I still had that itch and nothing
to scratch it with so I went to Drama College for three years and had the time of my life.
Playing parts dressing up, I was like Dorothy on that yellow brick road. Now I write and just
about the greatest thing to happen to me lately was when Rita and Karen contacted me and I
joined the forum and now I am going to have my own web site so get ready you lot because
nothing will stop me now. I hope that is enough I have missed lots out but I don't want to bore
you. Oh! By the way I have done a couple of Esther Rantzen shows and a couple on the
Vanessa Feltz chat show but I am still waiting for my big break maybe this is it!!!!!!!

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