This was a wonderful Scots man whom we were privileged to meet on the topaz cruise ship. What we didn't know was that he only had a short time to live and his wish was to sail on the Topaz for the last time because he used to be a ships engineer.

It's hard to visualise a world without James Dunbar,
Although I only knew him for a little while,
I'm proud to say I think he was my friend,
I remember on his jolly face he always wore a smile.

He didn't drink, he didn't smoke,he didn't walk without his stick,
But James was happy as the day is long.
He'd join in with the singing, whilst we enjoyed our booze,
But he never ever told us it was wrong.

He was a live and let live kind of fellow,
He always seemed to take life as it came,
He was my lovely and joyous little scotsman,
And now he's joined my own small hall of fame.

It would be nice if I'd known him a bit longer,
To have met again and chatted for a while,
But I'm sure when St Peter called out James's name,
He stepped forward with good humour and his ever present smile.

I know, we'll be better people having known him,
I'm sure that years from now they'll sing his praise,
I've no doubt that where he's gone, they'll make him welcome,
It's folk like James that make this world a better place.

By Sheila ( Broadhead) Betts…

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