The Busby Babes

Though it's true our lives are planned for us,
Long before we are born,
I reckon God knew what hes doing,
That gloomy February morn,
On a foreign field in Munich,
More than forty years ago,
He reached down with his mighty hand,
And he plucked them from the snow,
They had a touch of greatness,
Perfection to a man,
Aspecial breed, those Busby Babes,
Likes won't be seenagain,
Roger Burne and Eddie Coleman,
Billy Whelan and Geoff Bent,
Mark Jones and Tommy Taylor,
Duncan Edwards and Dave Pegg,
There weren't a team to match them,
They were a perfect blend,
Aye! God knew what he was doing,
He had it all so carefully planned,
I reckon he wanted them to play for him,
Seeing as how they were the creamn,
If he'd wanted them for't angels cup,
He couldn't have picked a better team,
Aye! He knew what he was doing,
That's why he took them in their prime,
To star in his heavenly football team,
Forever young till the end of time...

By Sheila Betts.

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